Decentralised cooperation is a program of actions jointly implemented by two local groups, one in France (town, metropolis, department or region) and another in another country. A convention is signed by local administrators on both sides. Both partners provide funds. A decentralized cooperation between two local bodies enable them to get funds from other partners. Associations or NGO’s can be entrusted with implementing actions (in France or in the country concerned).

The decentralized cooperation between Cesson-Sévigné and the Dankassari rural community was signed in 2009. There isn’t any time deadline. AESCD in France and RAEDD in Niger are the associations in charge of implementing it.

The Cesson-Dankassari decentralized cooperation and its partners take action in various fields and start various actions.

As from 2013, a new stage has been reached through a development program of all the villages in Dankassari involving many partners. In 2013, a new goal was achieved with a development program in the whole Dankassari community, involving several partners. The project was completed in 2017. A new project: “Going Ahead toward the Goals of Sustainable Development in the Dankassari Villages.” followed in the Dankassari villages in the summer of 2017.

A new decentralised cooperation convention between Cesson and Dankassari was agreed on for 2018-2020,

Funding from the Town of Cesson will be devoted to:
• actions promoting women’s health and self-reliance,
• economic development and micro-loans, so as to promote activities generating an income,
• training
Both towns also pledge to encourage every sustainable development action in Dankassari, particularly by preferring tenders from public or institutional bodies,

Sustainable Development in Dankassari 2018-2020

Sustainable Development in the Dankassari villages : 2020_2021

The Mayor of Dankassari’s visit to Cesson-Sévigné

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