Nice and bad weather are not the same in France and Niger.

In France nice weather means blue skies and no rain

In Niger nice weather means rain

Round the year in Niger

April and early May are very hot and exhausting, during these months meningitis and measles kill many babies and young children. It is also the transition time and the food reserves of the previous year become short, the famine appears.

Rains start in May.

When it starts raining everybody is happy and relaxed.
If rainfalls are late or insufficient the populations is concerned about the next crop and the possible shortage of food during the next dry season
It’s time of the intense labor in the fields even though the food reserves of the previous year are nearly depleted. The entire country becomes green, the rivers and lakes come to life again for a few weeks.

Harvest in October.

Millet is the basic food of the population.

Nice weather (French meaning) from November to February.

Blue skies, sunny days, cool nights are the norm. Sometimes sand and dust winds cause sore throats. As soon as it is colder than usual, the conversations focus on the “cold” which makes the French visitors smile. It is true that many people do not have the necessary covers and sweaters.

The hottest days of March

Then it becomes hot, even terribly hot. Food reserves decrease. The population is looking forward to the nice weather – rain- and anxiously wonders if rainfalls will be abundant enough.


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