Carte du Niger


  • Area: 1 267 000 km2.
  • Population: living mostly in the South of the country.
  • A landlocked country
  • No railways
  • Road network sometimes in disrepair
  • A big river the Niger River in the West .
  • Some dry washes: the Dallol Bosso and the Dallol Mawri to the South
  • Mountains: The Air to the North.
  • Big desert area: in the North.
  • Climate: subtropical climate, very hot and dry

The main regions

  • Air: Tchirorerine’s department where Agadez is located.
  • Manga: Diffa ’s region
  • Zarmaganda: Dosso ’s region
  • Gobir: Maradi’s region
  • Ader: Tahoua’s department.
  • Zarmaganda: Tillaberi’s region
  • Damagaram: Zinder’s department
  • Niamey: Urban community.