Niger is a landlocked country in Western Africa located south of the Sahara.

It borders Algeria and Libya to the North, Nigeria and Benin to the South, Mali and Burkina Faso to the West and Chad to the East.

The Nigerien flag

In Niger the official language is french.

Some data 2015

Niger France
Capital Niamey Paris
Population 19.000.000 66.000.000
% under 15 years 49 % 19 %
% above 65 years 2 % 20 %
Life expectation 56 years 82 years
Fertility rate (children per woman) 6 2
GPD per capita (Dollars) 790 35 000
Annual growth ** 6,3 % 1,3 %

** in 2019

The medley of the Nigerien population

  • The Haoussa constitute the major ethnic group. They are found in the regions from Dallo Maori to Zinder. The colonial partition split the Hausas between Niger and Nigeria.
  • The Djerma-Songhay settled in West Niger is the second major ethnic group
  • The Peuls, traditionally shepherds, are scattered in the country. Originally nomadic they become more and more sedentary.
  • The Kanuri live between Zinder and the Chad border.
  • The Tuareg live in the North of Niger.
  • The Toubou live close to the Chad border.
  • The Arabs live in the Tahoua and Zinder regions.
  • The Gourmantche live close to the Burkina Faso border.
  • The Boudouma live on the Chad’s lake islands.
Carte du Niger


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