Cash donation -even a small amount - is the most effective contribution. You can also give gifts or purchase the available books Lougou and Saraouniya or our book of tales or postcards at theshop Tarbiyya Tatali.

Giving second hand objects is usually not a good idea.

Unused medecines, second hand clothes and old schoolbooks may not fit the needs and are costly to ship. Positive exchanges cannot be based on giving our surplus or obsolete items.
Moreover Niger is a landlocked country and shipping (usually containers) is very expensive.The recommended process is to organise the sales of donated items in Rennes and to use the funds to purchase what the population need locally and to sustain the local economy.

A few useful objects

Nevertheless some light items which are rare in Niger are quite useful such as pairs of glasses.Glasses are not manufactured in Niger, and it is important to indicate the correction factor of the pair of glasses you give.


Giving unused medecines is risky for they can be improperly used. Simple medecines (aspirin for example) are recommended


Sweaters are among the few clothing items which are useful for the nights are cool during the cold season. It is still expensive to ship them.

Books and schoolbooks

Schoolbooks for primary schools do not match the local needs, since teaching programs are specific

Novels, dictionnaries as well as schoolbooks fit the needs of the middle schools and the kids are eager to improve themselves, but it is still expensive to ship them.

Photo d’Alain Roux