Solidarity arises from the awareness of common interests and consists of giving mutual assistance.

Nigeriens need international solidarity.

Referring to the PNUD (Program of Development of the United Nations) Niger ranks amongst the last countries in the list of human development
The population is poor and lacks food and water. They do not get school education and access to medical treatment. And yet Niger enjoys natural, human and cultural ressources,

Local trained militants are competent and committed and continuously fight to improve the fate of the populations and to guarantee the self-subsistence of their community. These militants know the languages, the habits, the lifestyles, and the beliefs of these populations, they are able to identify and bring the suitable actions into play with the support and the involvement of the populations

What is lacking is mostly financial resources, and moral support.

International solidarity can help the Nigeriens.

France is among the best endowed countries in terms of human Development, affluence. Food, education, health and water are available.

The country benefits from competent human resources in social, sanitary or educative action, who daily fight against exclusion, injustice, solitude and discrimination,

Including a small portion of that wealth and proficiency into the development of Niger would contribute to a fairer and more sustainable society,


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