In Niger health problems concerning women and children are very worryisome. Many women die in child birth and the mortality rate of children is one of the highest in the world.
With, on average, 6 children per woman (2017 statistics) and spacing out of pregnancies is essential for the development of this country

Unemployed doctors and populations without medical care

In 2002, in Niger, hundreds of doctors were unemployed, The state did not have resources to hire and pay them, and the population was unable to pay for medical care.

Most practising doctors are located in the capital. In 2004, there were only two doctors for 400,000 inhabitants in the Arewa region.

The government builds “health cabins” in many villages but they often remain unstaffed.

The situation has improved in 2012 as the State authorities of Niger recruited 10 doctors, one for each community in the Dogon Doutchi department.

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