The project aims at providing 26 Integrated Health Centers (IHC) in the Dogondoutchi and Tibiri departments with adequate refuse bins, manufactured locally in Dogondoutchi, so as to organize a circuit in order to destroy medical care waste, from collection to incineration. Each Health Center will be endowed with two waste bins and a wheelbarrow, all made by local workers; two maintenance agents will be trained.

This action follows the campaign for rural IHC doctors’ basic equipment. The need for improvement of the treatment of medical waste was pointed out by the doctors working with RAEDD.
It will contribute to reducing nosocomial infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
The experimentation and training course could Dankassari Dankassari could later be used on a regional scale, or even nationally.
The project benefits from the support of both Rennes City and Ille-et-Vilaine Department, and is also financed by AECIN’s own fund. Te 28 IHC’s have been provided with bins and disposable gloves and the IHC staff has been trained in hygiene and medical waste disposal.