In the Dogondoutchi Department, with a population of around 680,000 inhabitants (2011 figures), every community is to be endowed from now on with a doctor in their Integrated Health Centers, while up to then doctors were to be found in the Dogondoutchi Hospital only.

Appointments of doctors in rural areas were made in 2012 by the State of Niger.

Those doctors require basic equipment to work efficiently.
A project supported by the Brittany Region and by Tarbiyya Tatali’s own resources is destined to buy basic equipment, namely: office equipment (table, chair, calculator, metal cupboard, files, paper, stapler, paper punch, clock), medical equipment (examination table, dressing kit, birth kit, diabetes meter, blood pressure meter, scales for adults, steel tray).

The cost of equipping one doctor amounts to 1,500 euros.

The first doctors have been appointed at integrated health centers in Dankassari,

Thanks to the Total Foundation, the doctors in Kieche, Guecheme and Kore Mairoua have also been equipped.

Unfortunately, only 3 doctors were still present in the Dogondoutchi Department in 2018: two in the Dogondoutchi hospital and one in Dankassari.

By the end of 1919, only one doctor remains in the department of Dogondoutchi, appointed at the Dogondoutchi hospital.

In 2020, 1500 health staff including 250 doctors have been engaged, owing to the COVID crisis, and 6 doctors have been appointed in the Dogondoutchi departement : 3 to the Dogondoutchi hospital a lady doctor at Dankassari, one at Dogonkiria and another at Soucoucoutane.