Context and objective

The Dankassari villages don’t benefit from power supply from the national network provider (Nigelec), however, their needs keep growing. The existing equipment consists mainly in generating sets and in some cases in solar panels.
The goal of the project is to develop power equipment progressively, according to priorities on the one hand, and financial supply on the other hand. Needs are met through systems that are accessible to local technicians, so as to guarantee better maintenance.


The project is to bring electricity supply to each service of the Dankassari communal center. The requirements of the village are carefully identified, and some appliances have already been installed, namely a bore hole fitted with a pump powered alternatively by PV cells and a generating set.

Priority for electricity supply has been conferred to the following facilities :

  • Water: pump power for at least 15 hours per day (to guarantee 75m3 with 5m3/h flow), including 5 h night time pumping.
  • Welfare Center: power for a refrigerator, a fan, medical equipment and and appliances and night time lighting (3 h, and at will in emergencies).
  • School: lighting 3 h at night.
  • Millet mills: power in day time.
  • Electricity power for computer and multimedia appliances, and charging mobile phone batteries.

Priority actions

During the Mayor of Dankassari’s visit to Cesson-Sévigné in november 2013, the first two targets were identified , namely :

  • Lighting, at a highly symbolic and prominent school for the commune, as it goes back 50 years (anniversary in 2014).
  • Providing power to the Medical Center (lighting, refrigerator, current for computer) where the only doctor is based.

Two equipments were achieved in 2015.

Funding : participation of the Young People’s Town Council, of the Cesson Town authorities, Contribution under the Oudin Bill of the SDE 35, Participation of the Dankassari commune (installation)

Equipping Bawada Guida and Gofawa in energy

It entails installing two multifunctional platforms: one in the Gofawa village, with financing from Energy Syndicate 35 and the AESCD partners, the second in Bawada Guida village, financed by the Nigerien State.
The Gofawa platform, devised by an entrepreneur from Dogondoutchi, is innovative insofar as it includes a generating set which starts the engine. It ensures more comfort and safety for the users who only need to push a button to get it started.
The innovative platform can make it possible to create a mini network in the village.

Equipment of a Maternity, Integrated Health Centers and health huts

In 2016-2017, three further Integrated Health Centers were equipped in Dankassari, in the Goubeye, Bawada Guida and Rouda villages, thanks to new provisioning from Syndicat de l’Energie 35, the town of Cesson and AESCD’s own funds.

By the end of 2018, the new Dankassari maternity ward, located close to the CSI, was fitted with solar energy thanks to further financing from the Energy Syndicate 35, from Cesson Town Council and from AESCD’s own funds.

At the start of 2020, the integrated health center of Gofawa and the two health huts of Bawada Dagi and Dogontapki were equipped with solar energy thanks to new funding from the Syndical de l’Energie 35, the city of Cesson, the Brittany Region. and AESCD’s own funds. An electrician from Dankassari was introduced to solar energy by observing the installation made by a person from Niamey.

Late in 2020, the Integrated Health center in Karki Malam and two health cabins in Kaoura Lahama and Kamrey were alloted solar energy thanks to further funding from Energy 35 Syndicate, from Cesson Council, to Brittany Region and to AESCD own funds.

Recently, a further power line dedicated to charging cellular phones was installed at Kaoura Lahama, Kamrey and Kari Malam.
Late in 2021, further actions are planned: endowing Saourin Kaihi, Douzou and Kore Gabass with health cabins, and creating further lines to load cellular phones in the six other health cabins already fitted out with solar panels. A training session is planned for maintenance staff.

At the beginning of 2022, the equipment of the health structures of Saourin Kaihi, Douzou and Kore Gabass was carried out, as well as the installation of an additional line to charge cell phones in five other health structures already equipped with panels, in Gofawa , Rouda Goumandey, Dogontapki, Bawada Guida and Goubey. Training of staff and COGES in the maintenance of the installations took place. At the end of 2022, the three health structures of Kadandame, Kolmey and Lougou as well as the Goubey maternity hospital.

Equipping a pilot village with solar lamps

The installation of four charging stations and one hundred and sixty solar lamps, under the responsibility of the children, was financed by the Lama Foundation and the SDE35 with the aim of equip families in the village of Rouda Goumandey. The lamps were distributed to the students in January 2023. A collective study is organized in the evening by the director, five solar lamps to illuminate the board.

Plate-forme multifonctionnelle innovante de Gofawa