The importance of folk tales in Niger

In Niger tales have always been important in the culture. The moral code can be taught by tales. You learn from them that you must not oppress the weak,you must not wish harm for others, you must not be greedy; you must not despise your parents or children. You must on the contrary listen to the wise elders, respect your parents, and help people in distress.

Four Tales from Niger

Extracts from our two books of Tales

Our book of tales: a collective enterprise

Cooperation between storytellers, teachers and pupils led to the publication of a book of Nigerien tales. More than two hundred people were involved. A Nigerien artist illustrated the significant scenes, Nigerien and French teachers revised the text, and a print worker did the layout for free, Special thanks to Nils Royet for the layout, to Issoufou M’Barke and Dominique Berlioz for the texts in french and to Saoude Ali Bida for the parts of texts in hausa translated in french.
The sales of this book will pay for improvements of the Dogon Doutchi schools. We hope that the pupils of Dogon Doutchi will be pleased to know that their school work contributed to this achievement.

You can purchase our new book ‘Once Upon a Time in Niger’ from our shop.. The previous publication ‘At School with Nigerien Tales’ is now out of print.

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