At Dogon Doutchi

Open since 2003, the local branch office, located near the market place, is used by Tarbiyya-Tatali (RAEDD) to organize its activities and keep close contact with the population.

The archives of the Association and the information related to the surrounding villages are stored in this office

The representatives of the villages call there when they come to the market. These regular contacts make it easier to
follow-up the actions
and contribute to the self development of the villages.

At Agadez

A similar office has been set up at Agadez
as part of the cooperation between Côtes d’Armor in France and Tchirozérine’s department in Niger.

At Tahoua

Since the end of 2007, a local office of Tarbiyya Tatali is open in Tahoua.

Thanks to funds from the Canadian Agency for International Development, the office of Tahoua will support three primary
schools in Kaou (departement of Tchintabaraden)..

Three activities are developed :

- Program “A workbook per pupil per subject”

- Improvement of schools environment (bringing running water , building toilets, fencing the school area, planting trees)

- Organisation of an “educational herd”.

In Niamey

The association has an office and hires a secretary for the national coordination of activities.

Bori Zamo, responsable du RAEDD à Dogondoutchi
Bori Zamo, Dogon Doutchi