What is Tarbiyya-Tatali

Tarbiyya Tatali means “Aid for self development” in the Hausa language.

The general objective of this group of associations from Niger and from France is to support the efforts of the people from Niger in the process of his sustainable development, by mobilizing the national and international solidarity and by promoting cultural exchanges.

The associations in the group Tarbiyya-Tatali

Tarbiyya Tatali is a group made up of joint associations located in Niger and in France: in Niger, the RAEDD (Réseau d’Actions Educatives pour un Developpement Durable/Network of Educational Actions for Sustainable Development), in France the AECIN (Association d’Echanges Culruels Ille et Vilaine Niger/Association for Cultural Exchanges between Rennes’s region and Niger), the AESCD (Association d’Echanges Solidaires Cesson-Dankassari: Association for Exchanges in Solidarity between Cesson and Dankassari), and the ANIRE(Nigeriens’ Society in Rennes).

In France as in Niger, these associations look for partners and raise funds. They participate actively to various associations and networks both in Niger and in France.

In Niger In France
RAEDD the associations inside Tarbiyya Tatali
analyses the local situation, communicate about Niger
defines the projects, organize events,
organizes actions locally monitor the actions in Niger.

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