An action is effective only when it improves the living conditions of a targeted population for a long time and helps people to take their destiny into their own hands.

Our principles

  • Start from local demand,
  • Mobilize the local resources as a priority
  • Get an effective involvement of the population
  • Use culture as leverage
  • Work in synergy with local authorities,
  • Aim at financial and organizational autonomy for each initiative
  • Check progress in activities and funds use.

The obstacles

  • Misalignment of projects with needs
  • Inadequacy of projects for Nigerien culture
  • Short term experiments
  • Corruption and bad mannagement

Our methods

  • Select people in charge who are trusted by the population
  • Use the language of local people
  • Practice public debates
  • Allow time for reflections
  • Let the population make decisions
  • Register the written description and assessment for each action,
  • Keep detailed reports of control visits
  • Run experiments, validate them before extension