The current website was published in August 2020. The 4 Presidents of the 4 associations in Tarbiyya Tatali are responsible for the website.

The team members are all volunteers.

Elise Coste has been in charge of the webside since 2004. Amaury Adon finalised the current version.

Since 2004, the editorial contents of the website has been jointly defined by Marie-Françoise Roy and Mamadou Saïdou, and later by Marie Françoise Roy and Seiyaba Elhadj Saïdou, it is based on the Tarbiyya Tatali working documents (monthly reports, activity reports...). Drafting and posting articles has mainly been done by Marie-Françoise until october 2020. This task is now shared with Chantal Blum.

Armelle Le Bozec translates the website into English, and Saoude Ali Bida into haoussa.

The website photos are by Alain Roux, Abdoul Aziz Soumaila and Jean-Pierre Estournet, also by Idi Nouhou and Maman Sindji Bakabe or also by various members of Tarbiyya Tatali.