A 60-page booklet written by RAEDD with financial support from Ville de Rennes and AECIN.


  • From childhood to adulthood, what is puberty? Boys’ puberty, girls’ puberty.
  • How to remain healthy: What is health? Bodily hygiene. Hygiene in dwellings. Food hygiene.
  • Social relationship. What is love?
  • Transmitting life: What is having a baby? The stages of pregnancy. Birth.
  • What is Family Planning? Unwanted pregnancies.
  • Children’s rights. Under age marriages.

The booklet has been carefully prepared. The male and female authors and the illustrator, all Nigerien, were thoroughly involved, so that the booklet is adapted to the local situation and clearly aims at preventing early marriages, it insists on family planning (in accordance with the Nigerien Government’s recommendation).

A training session on the booklet involved 21 participants (11 men and 10 women), teachers in Matankari and Dankassari secondary schools, as well as family planning social workers who visited the villages and communes of Dankassari and Dogondoutchi in December 2017. The training session was held by a woman and a man. The participants insisted on following up and extending the project, particularly by publishing versions in local languages (haoussa locally). Male and female teachers and family planning social workers welcomed the contents of the booklet. It is considered useful for both training and teaching. It also raised discussions; namely as concerns the necessity for teachers to be blameless in their attitude to girl students.

The booklet is shown in the film ’A girl trio in Dankassari’, it aims at explaining what an early marriage is,

Link to the whole booklet here.

Illustration de la page de couverture
Illustration de la page de couverture