“Akwai Magana! Let us talk about it” is a series of four sketches filmed as part of the “Family planning in the department of Dogondoutchi” project.


Written by Alichina Allakaye, Bawa Kadade Riba and Saleh Adou Mahamat and directed by Arice Siapi, they address the following themes: family planning, birth spacing, family well-being, early marriage and keeping girls in school.

ADASHE/TONTINE. A member of the tontine is pregnant again. Her friends give her advice, in particular the woman trained in the family planning project. Available here. Phone versions here.

INA SO HUTU/I WANT TO REST. Fati visits her friend Binta to ask her husband Maiguizo to convince her husband Namaïwa to space births. Maiguizo and the nurse visit Namaïwa, the reluctant husband. Available here. Phone versions here.

YAYA ZA MU YI?/HOW WILL WE DO? A father is faced with the demands of his many children and his wives. He loses his temper but his neighbor tells him he’s wrong. He undertakes to reconsider the family organization. Available here. Phone versions here.

BA DIYATA BA LAKKOL/NOT MY DAUGHTER AT SCHOOL. A father wants to take his daughter out of school and marry her off early. His wife and his friend convince him by the example of the benefits of education for girls. Phone version here.
Available here. Phone versions here.


A webinar was organized on June 19, 2022 with the Network of Nigerien Women of France.