Sustainable Development in the Dankassari villages : 2020_2021
energy, environment, sanitation, supporting women, strengthening municipal services

In Dankassari, the goal of the project is to aim at Sustainable Development for the whole village population, including women and young people, through several tightly coordinated actions. The final result expected is to reinforce municipal authorities’ action, concerning energy, environment, implementing technical training in several fields, improving health facilities in solar energy, latrines, reinforcing women’s autonomy, thanks particularly to family planning, the whole project allowing a significant continuous Sustainable Development in Dankassari,

In Cesson-Sévigné, mainly primary and middle school pupils are involved, benefiting from education in citizenship and associative life, through an actual approach of life in Dankassari (talks in schools and mail exchanges).

More precisely, the following actions will be implemented :
• concerning energy : drafting a local plan based on the present situation and an analysis of the needs in solar electricity equipment for 5 health centers,
• concerning the environment, food security and sanitation : training in aided soil regeneration, plant nurseries, training in vegetable gardening, installing and maintaining latrines in six health centers and fourteen schools,
• concerning women’s and girls’autonomy, improving women’s and children’s health : micro-credit, literacy, family planning, supporting girls’schooling,
• reinforcing municipal services : explaing the importance of tax, registry office, supportin 4 cereal banks and one middle school,
• communication on results, in Niger and in France,
• constant follow-up of activities.

The project is supported by MEAE, Niger State, Cesson-Sévigné, Rennes Metropole, SDE35, Brittany Region and AESCD.