Early in 2018, the micro-credit for literate women operated within the programs ( Going ahead in Sustainable Development Objectives in the Dankassari villages) and (Dankassari villages coordinated actions for Sustainable development) The action in favour of micro-credit is supported by Rennes City Council.

At Guizara and Karkim Mallam

This operation has been launched following a request from the Literate Women of Guizaza and Karkim Mallam.

As from the beginning of 2018, the micro-loan operates within the programme ‘Going Ahead toward the Sustainable Development Goals in Dankassari Villages.’ Four groups of 25 women from the villages of Guizara, Karmi Mallam, Kamrey and Dogontapki are involved. They are entitled to a loan of 50000 CFA francs (about 80 euros) once they have paid an entry fee of 5000 CFA francs, and they have to pay it back within 6 months.

Interviews of four of the recipients of the micro-loan can be read in the Magazine (number 8).

Extract from the article ‘Literacy and Micro-Loans’, magazine n°8

What income-generating activity are you involved in?

Mariamoun: “Personally, I practice small-scale trade. I make millet pancakes and
sell them during school break or in the village, the station, really
anywhere people are. I only have scarce means, otherwise I would practice large-scale trade.“Sagni:”Fattening cattle, mostly small ones, as I lack means.“Fati:”Like all the other women, informal commerce and fattening. It is better than doing nothing. A few coins under your pillow helps to solve problems, doesn’t it?“Zafa” When we were handed 50,000 CFA (euros), my husband told me: ‘That money isn’t given for ceremonies or baptism: remember that you have to turn it to profit. So you have to be very careful. Whatever happens, you must avoid shame for us (which could follow if not paid back).” So, following my husband’s advice, I practice informal commerce, after having bought small cattle for fattening. "

At Dogontapki and Kamrey

By the end of 2018, micro-credit is operating within the project Sustainable Development in Dankassari 2018-2020, Two groups of literate women benefit from it in the villages of Kamrey and Dogon-Tapki They are eligible for a loan amounting to 50 000 CFA (around 80 euros) after paying an entrance fee of 5000 CFA, and the loan must be paid back within 6 months,

Micro-crédit féminin à Dankassari

2019 : enhancing and follow-up

In August 2019 , a supplement of 25000 CFA (about 40 euros) was granted to the ladies of Guizara and Karki-Malan (62 women altogether), A 50000 CFA (about 80 euros) micro-loan for each woman was implemented at Chanono for two new beneficiary groups (50 women altogether), Chanono is an area devoted to breeding, and all the women are involved in the same activity (fattening small cattle (goats, sheep) and, when possible cows,

Kamrey and Dogontapki have been targeted for a follow-up mission. Most women are located in farming areas, most of them are involved in cattle raising and move with their cattle to plentiful pasture.

In 2020, a 50 000 CFA micro-cloan was created in Tounzourawa and Gofawa, and the amount provided was raised to 75000 CFA for previous groups in Kamrey and Dogontapki.

In 2021 a 50 000 CFA micro-loan was created at Toudou Makera and the provision rose to 75000 CFA for earlier groups at Chanono with two groups, as well as Touzounrouwa and Gofawa with one group.