Actions funded or co-funded by Cesson-Sévigné :

They concern the following fields :

  • Actions in favour of Women’s health and self-reliance,
  • Economic development and micro-credit in view of promoting income-generating activities,
  • Training

The 2018 plan involves :

  • Gardening training in Marake Rogo
  • Micro-loans for literate women in Dogon-Tapki and Kamrey,
  • Contribution to electification of the Dankassari maternity ward (cofinancing requested from SDE35).

The 2019 action plan involves:

  • Micro-loans for literate women in Chanono, and increased financing in Guizara and Karki Mallam,
  • Contribution to Solar energy electrificationof Gofawa Integrated Health Center (cofinancing from SDE35 )

Actions financed by other partners

Beyond the actions of the plan, the following funds have been obtained in 2018:
- From the 35 Department Council, in favour of teenage girls’ sexual education and against early marriages,
- From Rennes Metropole, in favour of Health Houses sanitation.

The project ’Going Ahead toward sustainable development in the Dankassari villages in 2019-2020’ ( following the 2017-2018 project) was approved by the Foreign Ministry, the Brittany Regional Council, CEBR , SDE35, CD35 and AELB, .

Actions will bear on the following points :

  • ODD6 : Hydrology : training CGPE (Waterpoint Management Committees), AUSPE ( Associations of Water Public Service Users) and of maintenance villagers,
  • ODD6 Sanitation :creation of latrines and showers in six health centers, construction of six latrine blocks in schools
  • ODD2,ODD15 Installing a solar pump in the market garden area in Marake Rogo ; male and female market gardeners’training ; municipal plant nursery and school garden,
  • ODD7, Electricity : solar electricity supply in six health centers,
  • ODD5 , ODD1, ODD3 : training sessions for matrons, for female and male family planning monitors in villages, literacy groups, micro credits for literate women, support to SCOFI (girls’ schooling)
  • ODD4 : equipment in desk-bench units
  • ODD16, ODD2, ODD5 Support to municipal services, registry office and tax collecting,

Significant contributions will come from Nigerien State (35/% of the funding) and from local people.

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