Actions funded or co-funded by Cesson-Sévigné :

Cesson-Sévigné’s funding was devoted to:
• Actions promoting women’s self-sufficiency.
• Economic development and micro-credit aiming at income generating activities,
• Training.

The 2018 plan involves :

  • Gardening training in Marake Rogo
  • Micro-loans for literate women in Dogon-Tapki and Kamrey,
  • Contribution to electification of the Dankassari maternity ward (cofinancing requested from SDE35).

The 2019 action project included two sections:

  • Micro-loans for literate women in Chanono and consolidation of fundings to Guizara and Karki Mallam.
  • Contributions to (solar energy 315) the Gofawa Integrated Health Center (cofinanced by SDE35)

The 2020 action project included two sectors:

  • Micro-loans for literate women in Tounzourawa (Alheri group) and Gofawa ( Hadin –Gouiwa group) and consolidation of financing in Kamrey (Tchigaba group) and Dogontapki (Niyya group).
  • Contribution to (solar energy) the Integrated Health Center in Karki Malam (SDE35 cofinancing).

Actions financed by other partners

Beyond the actions of the plan, the following funds have been obtained in 2018:
- From the 35 Department Council, in favour of teenage girls’ sexual education and against early marriages,
- From Rennes Metropole, in favour of Health Houses sanitation.

The project ’Going Ahead toward sustainable development in the Dankassari villages in 2019-2020’ ( following the 2017-2018 project) was approved by the Foreign Ministry, the Brittany Regional Council, CEBR , SDE35, CD35 and AELB, .

Actions will bear on the following points :

  • ODD6 : Hydrology : training CGPE (Waterpoint Management Committees), AUSPE ( Associations of Water Public Service Users) and of maintenance villagers,
  • ODD6 Sanitation :creation of latrines and showers in six health centers, construction of six latrine blocks in schools
  • ODD2,ODD15 Installing a solar pump in the market garden area in Marake Rogo ; male and female market gardeners’training ; municipal plant nursery and school garden,
  • ODD7, Electricity : solar electricity supply in six health centers,
  • ODD5 , ODD1, ODD3 : training sessions for matrons, for female and male family planning monitors in villages, literacy groups, micro credits for literate women, support to SCOFI (girls’ schooling)
  • ODD4 : equipment in desk-bench units
  • ODD16, ODD2, ODD5 Support to municipal services, registry office and tax collecting,

Significant contributions will come from Nigerien State (35/% of the funding) and from local people.

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