Since 2005, the Cesson-Sévigné Town Council has supported the Dogon-Doutchi region by granting subsidies to AECIN for RAEDD (ref: the assessment published in CIM)

Aid for the people of the Dogon Doutchi Département since 2005.

Their choice was to provide the funds to set up a new operation every year, which, after one year, would be self-supporting:

  • installation of a millet mill for a women’s group in Dankassari, and a survey of school attendance for girls in that community
  • installation offood reserves in the villages of Koujak et Dadin Kooua, in the commune of Dankassari.

The town of Cesson-Sévigné has been involved in a decentralized cooperation project with Dankassari since 2009.


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