On March 23th 2020, teams of equal numbers of boy and girl delegates from Dogondoutchi and Dankassari schools, met in sports competitions: soccer, cross-country.

The project, financed by the French Embassy in Niger within ‘Citizen Expression’, and by the Orsay twin committee and AESCD , benefits from RAEDD and RAIL support in carrying out Dogondoutchi and Dankassari decentralized cooperation, and primary schools COGES.
Abdoul Aziz Soumaïla’s photography project on Dogondoutchi and Dankassari inter-school Olympiads has been supported by AESCD’s own resources.

Grand Opening of the exhibition, at the Jean Rouch Franco-Nigerien Cultural Center, on June 5th and 12th 2021, funded by the French Embassy, within the ‘Citizen Expression’ project.