Assisted Natural Regeneration is a simple and cheap method allowing re-foresting without planting trees: gardeners identify and select the better tree shoots in their fields and get rid of other sprouts. They regularly attend to the selected saplings in order to strengthen the soil’s productivity and consequently secure a range of products (wood, fruit…). ANR has been used in Dankassari for a few years.

To develop it, the following activities are proposed by the district supervisor:

  • Training monitors to develop soil Assisted Natural Regeneration.
    It consists in training monitors from various areas of the rural district for10 days, both in theory and practice, and then monitor their activity and regularly bring them together for exchanges on good methods. The training session will include field visits and practice.
  • Producing forest saplings to favor biological diversity in fields: it will take place in two plant nurseries located at Dankassari’s Town Hall and in the Marake Rogo market gardening: 9000 saplings have been planted in each of the two years and shared out among willing residents for their fields or concessions: thorn bushes, neeem, moringa, baobab. Moringa plants, fast growing even in arid soil, and with highly nutritive leaves allow for both essential nutrients and financial income, as they sell easily.

On both sites a local supervisor will be in charge of implementing.