In Lillato, outstanding success at the primary school exam

The project “a workbook per pupil per subject “ had an outstanding effect , the 51 pupils of the Lillato school passed the primary school year exam in June 2002, even though none had passed this exam before. A big celebration was arranged for the pupils and the teachers.

A problem: How to go on into secondary education ?

The secondary school is located at Dogon Doutchi, 30 kms away from Lillato, it means that the pupils have to live in town. Some relatives can accomodate children from the Lillato village, but the problem is to find accomodation for 51 children. Furthermore boarding with the families of relatives is not always suitable for successful schooling, some relatives make the children work to pay for their cost of lodging , as a result some children drop out of secondary school for they cannot work and attend school.

The solution: create a boarders’ residence

The parents of the Lillato villages decided to take responsibility for the lodging of their children at Dogon Doutchi and created the accommodation. They rented a house, purchased kitchenware and food. One family moved to Dogon to accommodate the children and cook for them. Financial aid was needed for renting the house, Tatbiyya Tatali found it and the French village of Plelan le Petit accepted to provide this aid.

As from 2007, local students attend the Goubeye Junior High School which is closer to their homes. The grant from Plélan-le-Petit being maintained, the Lillato students are provided with textbooks.