The objective is to give the necessary textbooks to each child who attends primary school. In 1997 this action was launched in 8 schools around Dogon Doutchi, it is now in place in more than 56 schools. A few thousand textbooks have been purchased; they were composed and printed in Niger and are aligned with the official school program. For many families it was their first book at home.

How does it work?

The inhabitants create management committees, and persuade the families whose children are old enough to go to school to contribute financially by renting school books. For one year the family owns the school book, the child can do his home work in the evening under parents supervision even if they cannot read. The committee collects the funds, helps the families who need it most, and decides how to use the funds. An exchange of school books allows the management committee to get appropriate books


The number of children going to school goes up, more and more children pass the secondary schoolentry exam.
The budget has been balanced since 2004 for the first participating schools and the profits from book rental are used to purchase new school books.
Village residents and teachers could consider new actions: development of practical activities, extension of the school garden and reintroduction of extinct plants, etc…

Extension to more primary schools

Tarbiyya Tatali (AECIN) brought the initial funding with a contribution from the city of Rennes. Based on a detailed study and the first positive results the association Aide et Action decided to finance the project in 8 new schools from 2003.

The Canadian Embassy has financed 36 more schools. Tarbiyya Tatali, also provides support to other associations which want to develop the same project: the Association Solidarité Niger, le Mouvement Jeunesse Solidarité des Lycéens du Collège Mariama (nigerien high school), the
Association Côtes d’Armor / Agadez and the departement of Côtes d’Armor.

Extension to secondary schools

The secondary schools are also short of school books and the problem will become worse when the number of pupils grows as a consequence of progress in the primary schools.
Tarbiyya Tatali with the department of “Cotes d’Armor” launched an experiment in three middle schools of the Agadez area in 2005.
Tarbiyya Tatali has set up libraries for teachers and pupils in two secondary schools at Dogon Doutchi.

High School Textbooks

A French textbook combining Nigerien and French texts is being devised by RAEDD. Thanks to a contribution from Rennes City Council, the Dogon Doutchi High School will be endowed.

Lougou et Saraouniya