Following the announcement of the catastrophic results of the BEPC, the diploma finishing the four first year of secondary school , in July 2021, the Nigerien State was alarmed, and our Nigerien partners from RAEDD immediately observed the local situation in the department of Dogondoutchi and alerted us to the urgency of the remediation of this educational disaster.

The RAEDD thought about supporting teaching in college to improve the sucess rate of BEPC. From January 2022, 2 secondary schools elected by the director of secondary education (DDES), have been chosen to experiment with a new action consisting in providing students preparing the exam with textbooks and BEPC annals in Maths and French. These are the colleges of Bagagi and Goubey. This experiment was financed with AECIN’s own funds.

In 2022/23, this experience was renewed and extended to the college of Togone, and concerned a 3rd discipline which is physics and chemistry. In addition to providing students with textbooks and annals in the three main disciplines, awarding prizes to the laureates of the BEPC in order to encourage future studies and emulation between students. These prizes are given to the first 3 boys and the first 3 girls of each college. This action will be carried out with the help of the teachers who will be trained and supported by their educational advisers and the delegate for the education of girls in secondary education (SCOFI).

This action scheduled for 2022/23 was carried out with the financial support of the City of Rennes.