• Honourable Member of Parliament (Fiction, 2007)
  • PIP2, substantial achievements (Institutional Documentary, 2008)
  • And our films…? (Author’s documentary, 2009)
  • Prodex, the strategy of making do ( institutional documentary)
  • A Day With Moussa (documentary film, 2011)
  • Emancipation of slave-born families in Niger (Institutional Documentary, 2015).

Cameraman for film makers

  • A Day With Abdoulhaoune directed by Rakia Kader (doc)
  • A Day With Alhousseini, directed by Idi Nouhou (doc)
  • A Day With Moussa, directed by Bakabe M Siradji(doc)
  • A Picture Chronicle for Ordinary People, directed by Idi Nouhou (doc)
  • Mediating Ladies, directed by Sani Magori (doc)
  • Anigourane, the cave paintings of the Aïr, directed by the Franco-Malien Catherine Payen (fiction)
  • Binta’s Dilemma directed by Aicha Macky (fiction)
  • Standards, For Whom ? directed by Aicha Macky
  • Dance Street, directed by Nadege Batou, Congo (doc)
  • Ruwa falala Lougou/ Water has come to Lougou at last! directed by Idi Nouhou
  • A Girl Trio in Dankassari, directed by Idi Nouhou.

Current Projects

  • Sharo, a practice, a people (documentary in the making)
  • Zara Dibissou the golden voice of Niger (documentary in the making)