REPTA (stands for Réseau Education Pour Tous en Afrique) and
is a network aiming at universal schooling in Africa .

This network pools French and African local authorities, associations (ex: Tarbiyya-Tatali) and companies. It operates in Burkina Faso and Niger, It educates and trains street children in Bobio Dioulasso. In Niger priority is given to schooling for all the children.

Actions in Niger

Seven “second chance” classes have been in operation at Moli, Akoubounou, Boumba, Tondey, Kare Kopto, Ouallam, Diagourou, in the areas of Tillabéry and Tahoua, since January 2006. Each class accommodates about 40 children from 9 to 13 who have left the school system or never attended school. These children attend four school years to get the basic education in the local language, to train for manual trades and to give opportunity to some of them to join the secondary education system. .

Partners in France and Niger

The seven “second chance “classes have been financed by French regions: Bretagne (2 classes), Pays de Loire (3 classes) Basse Normandie (2 classes). REPTA Niger and Tarbiyya-Tatali (RAEDD) monitors the operations in Niger.

The partnership between RAEDD, AECIN and REPTA came to an end in 2010 when the Moli Second Chance Class shut down.