During the 2007 International Solidarity week , the network of International Solidarity associations Brittany – Niger organized a day of cultural exchanges in Carhaix on November 22, 2007. Tarbiyya Tatali is an active member of the network.

Exhibit and stands of the associations of Internatioal Solidarity Brittany - Niger network

Exhibits showing the various landscapes and cultural identities of Niger.
and describing the actions of the associations (with the following themes: health, education, supply of food and water, culture…)

The press stand

Information about recent political events in Niger, particularly the events in Northern Niger.
A selection of articles to understand the current situation in the country.

Local languages and cultures

A panel discussion on multilinguism with Nigerien and Breton participants
about their experience of the combination of French and local languages in teaching and daily life.

Workshops for children.

Manufacturing of batiks, folk tales.

Traditional Breton and Nigerien wrestling

A wrestling initiation, demonstration and contest given by four Nigerien and Breton wrestlers accompanied by a Nigerien musician supporting them. Exhibits stand of Gouren and the regional wrestling association. A short Nigerien film about traditional wrestling.

A fashion show

A fashion show of young Nigerien and French people modelling the diverse regional dresses of Niger.


Two Breton story tellers and Fatimane Aghali, a Nigerien strory teller, recited tales in French and Gallo. The theater group of Carhaix lycee recited and played Haoussas tales.

Nigerien meal

A Nigerien meal was cooked by Nigerien and French cooks for about two hundred people.


Groups of Breton and Nigerien musicians showed the diversity of exchanges and the rich cultural heritage of these two countries: Makida Palabre, Mamar Kassey and Desert Rebel

Makida Palabre