Supplying an orphanage in Saga

Following a suggestion from a Nigerien citizen living in France, AESCD set up a project to supply with beds an orphanage in Saga, a district of Niamey. A grant from COSOG, a branch of Treasury, and the Saga orphanage received the requested beds in November, through RAEDD.
The action carries on in 2021 with support to kitchen equipment and food storage.

In 2022, a new COSOG grant enabled the creation of a sewing workshop for orphans. This will allow them to learn sewing with the aim of ensuring their financial autonomy and a better future.

Grants for students

Since 2014, targeted donations to AECIN from a Nigerien lady living in France, have allowed for allotting a dozen scholarships to students from poor families from Dogondoutchi, under supervision from RAEDD. The remainder of the donation is allotted to local humanitarian charities (two Niamey orphanages, Niger SOS Cancer charity.