AbdoulKarim Nassoua is a young cartoonist who makes a living in Niamey, circulating his drawings.

His method of working and his activities are described in the documentary Illustrated Chronicle for the Common People by Idi Nouhou.

His works draw upon all the components of Nigerien traditional culture to illustrate the events in political life.

An exhibition of works by AbdoulKarim Nassoua was shown in St Brieuc in November 2015 on the occasion of Idi Nouhou’s visit.

President Tandja as a traditional wrestler

  • Context: President Tadnja’s violation of the Constitution in order to extend his ma ndate (Tazartche, in 2009.
  • Albade Abouba, Ben Omar et Seini Omar: « To the true heir, the tune of Tazartche ! Daddy Tandja, get rid of them, and pursue your task of reconstruction!”
  • Tandja Mamdou : « I told you ! You can’t fight me ! Citizens support me ! »
  • Issoufou Mahamadou, current president of Niger ; « Help us, please, he is too strong. »
  • Hama Amadou : « My stomach aches! Daddy Tandja, please, let me stand up! »
  • Mahamane Ousmane : « Let’s escape before he attacks us ! »
  • Sanoussi Tambari Jackou: “Too bad for you! I shan’t wait for the outcome!”