Improving the collective latrine equipment (in schools, and health centers) is one of the priorities of the Hydrology and Sanitation Departmental Service of Dogondoutchi and the rural communities concerned,

Having separate girls’ toilets at primary and secondary schools improves their safety and contributes to longer studies.

The project is not limited to building, it is systematically joined with advice on hygiene and training on good use of latrines, aimed at teachers, managing committees, and students.

In the Dankassari secondary schools

The project aims at providing three Dankassari rural commune secondary schools with girl/boy toilets, in the villages of Nakigaza, Karki Malam, Kadandame, Goubey, Bawada Daji, Rouda Goumandey, Gofawa.
It also aims at encouraging girls (39% of those schools enrolment) to complete their secondary school studies, in a context of frequent early marriages.

Four Secondary schools will be equipped, within a project funded by the Niger State, and four through funding from Rennes Metropole, within its program ‘Progressing toward the Sustainable Development Goals in Dankassari villages’.

In the Dankassari Health Cabins

A grant from Rennes Metropole to AESCD was agreed, upon late in 2018. Three health cabins were fitted out in 2019, with two separate cabins and showers in the villages of Douzou, Saouri-Kaifi, and Bare-Bari. Moreover, the Niger State has created three latrine units in schools in Sabara and Roumboukawa (Soucoucoutane district) thanks to funding from Swiss Aid.

A grant from Rennes Metropole to AESCD funded in 2020 allowed for the equipment of latrines including a shower in the health cabins of the following villages: Gofawa, Kolmey, and Dogontapki.
As for the parallel action financed by the Nigerien State, it consisted of equipping with latrines and water taps three large villages: Kakandamé, Roumouki Kadandamé, and Dangari, when a multivillage AEP was created. The latrines were completed end of January 2021.

In 2021, a new grant from Rennes Metropole to AESCD allowed for supplying the following villages with latrine units fitted out with showers in the following villages’ health facilities: Kaoura Lahama, Maraké Rogo, and Goho. Then the three villages of Tanni, Bawada Dagi, and Fanna were equipped in 2022, thanks to funding coming from AELB.

In Bagaji’s middle school

Funding by Rennes Metropole and AECIN was approved at he end of 2018, It covered the cost of building another latrine unit in the Bagagi secondary school, which is now provided with a unit for girls and another for boys.

Three further middle schools concerned in 2021

Three units of three latrines each (one for teachers, one for girls, and one for boys) at Doubalma and Soucoucoutane, at Salga in Mantakeri, and Issakitchi in Dogonkiria. Fundings were received from AELBP and Forim, Rennes Metropole, and CEBR.
Interestingly, the building projects were achieved by companies in the Dogondoutchi region and thus contributed to the local economic development.