Support our approach

The first thing you can do is to have a deep interest in Niger and Africa, and to provide support to our project of sustainable development, cultural exchanges and solidarity. Our Nigerien friends, local coordinators of Tarbiyya Tatali, need our assistance to organize and manage the development projects, our advice and creative suggestions.

A little money can work miracles.

They need money to make the projects a reality. Small amounts of money can work miracles in their hands. Two euros allow purchasing schoolbooks for a child, 10 euros are sufficient to supply lunch for one year for a child. Four thousand euros, collected by the association, allow operating a hope class for one year, to pay the annual wages of several community teachers or a doctor. Motorbikes of the association costs twelve hundred euros and the car, essential to visit the health cabins, costs seven thousands euros.

Cash donation.

A cash donation, even small, is always useful and welcome.You can specify the use of your donation for a specific project. You can also purchase different items available in our shop Tarbiyya Tatali.

Become a member

If you wish to contribute to our initiatives, join us, become a member of AECIN or of AESCD.

If you are a tax-payer in France, donations and membership fees entitle you to a receipt and are tax-deductible the following year.

To give time.

Members or not, if you have some free time, introduce our projects to your friends and neighbours, show the objects we propose and look for support for our activities in your company and your community. You can sponsor our projects.

Photo d’Alain Roux