Places to welcome visitors in Dogon Doutchi and Niamey

The activities of Tarbiya Tatali entail that the members of the association coming from France and other partners sometimes have to stay in Niger.
Hotels are costly and not convenient for long stays. To live daily life in Nigerien conditions requires a great adaptation effort. The friendship houses in Dogon Doutchi and Niamey offer some comfort for the visitors and make it easier to adapt to Nigerien life. Each house has four bedrooms and can welcome eight visitors.

Boarding interns

More and more young French interns are willing to spend a few months in Niger to reinforce the activitivies of the association in the context of their studies or their personal project. Our frienship houses welcome them in comfortable conditions.

In Dogon Doutchi: a meeting place for the association

Tarbiya Tatali did not have a meeting room at Dogon Doutchi which is the center of the Arewa, our main area of activities. An office was built in 2003 to set up the association and to make Tarbiyya Tatali more visible. A small library dedicated to the history and culture of Niger is being created.

Maison de l’amitié à Dogondoutchi
Friendship House, Dogon Doutchi