Tarbiyya Tatali Association for Cultural Exchanges Ille-et-Vilaine Niger (AECIN) has been founded at the end of 1986.

Support to operations in Niger.

In the late eighties, it was the only financial source for RAEDD, so enabled it to launch its first programme : A Textbook per Child per Subject.

AECIN supports RAEDD in various ways :

  • By looking for partnerships.
  • By drafting financing requests.
  • By following-up of actions in Niger and drafting reports
  • By assisting French interns to define their work placements in Niger (before 2011)
  • By hosting RAEDD members in France.
  • By collaborating to draft the May 13th Woman’s Day Brochure from 2005 to 2014.
  • By drafting and publishing the Tarbiyya Tatali Magazine, published twice a year sinve 2015,
  • By creating and updating the Tarbiyya Tatali website,
  • By organizing events in France.

Informing about Nigerien culture.

AECIN has created several exhibitions , thanks particularly to photographs by Alain Roux, and has published four books, composed by mixed Franco-Nigerien teams : ‘At School with Nigerien Folk Tales,’ “Once upon a time in Niger” and ‘Lougou and Saraouniya’ and Chronicle of Kwanana , as well as the brochure entitled Testimonies from Old Pupils from the White Fathers’ Mission School at Dogondoutchi (Niger).
The second edition of ‘Lougou and Saraouniya’ and Chronicle of Kwanana are co-published with L’Harmattan.

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Contact :

AECIN Tarbiyya Tatali

c/o Michel Coste

6A Mail de Bourgchevreuil

35510 Cesson-Sévigné

tél: 02 99 83 30 98

mel: aecin@tarbiyya-tatali.org


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