Actions financed or co-funded by Cesson-Sévigné town

They concern the following fields:

  • actions promoting women’s health and self-sufficiency,
  • economic development and micro-credit aiming at promoting income from activities,
  • training.

The 2021 action project involves two fields:
• Women literacy program in Toundoun Makera and further financing at Chanono.
• Aid to solar energy electrification of the Health Center in Saourin Kaihi (co-financed by SDE35)
In the 2022 and 2023 plan, the action will be decided in the Dankassari and Cesson-Sévigné joint agreement.

Actions funded by other partners

The Coordinated Actions for Sustainable Development in the Dankassari villages (following the 2018-2020 project) have been approved by Brittany Region. It receives co-funding from Cesson- Sévigné Town, Rennes Metropole and MEAE (for 2021).

Actions will concern the following fields:

  • Consolidating qualifications: Nigerien partners (representatives, town employees, RAEDD and other local associations members’ entitlement to a geographical information system allowing for project monitoring, aid to decision, support to registration and tax collection.
  • Environment: a training program in soil assisted natural re-generation, re-foresting,
  • Health: solar energy equipment in health cabins, upgrading equipments for existing health centers, latrines for health cabins (double cabins and showers), training health cabin management committees in electrical equipment maintenance, matron training.

Our actions will concern the following fields:
• Reinforcing qualification: mastership to Nigerien partners (male and female representatives, municipal staff, RAEDD and local associations’ members) of a geographical information system allowing project and decisional aid follow-up, and support to registry offices and tax collection.
• Environment: assisted natural re-regeneration training of soils, afforestation.
• Health : solar energy equipment of health cabins and latrines (double cabins and showers), rehabilitating former health cabins, fitting out health cabins and toilets (double cabins and showers), training health centers management committees for electrical and hygiene maintenance, matrons training.

Further sectors have been approved by SDE35, CEBR and AEBLB5 concerning energy, water and sanitation. . Significant contributions from Niger State (35% of the budget) and from local populations are expected.

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