In 2014, the May 13th Tarbiyya Tatali booklet was entitled : Successful Studies for a Secure Future . We noted that many women who had dropped out of school to marry very early and bring up their children were returning to secondary school. We decided to support that movement.

The following action has been launched in Dogondoutchi to encourage young women to return to secondary school:

  • identification of sponsors by RAEDD
  • AECIN support through the purchase of school books and educational support.

42 young women have thus been supported in 2014-2015. In July 2015, 18 of them succeeded in passing the BEPC (junior high certificate) exam!

It must be noted that over two thirds of the funding proceeds from the Nigerien national solidarity.

In 2015-2017, this action concerned some 30 women in the rural Matankari area. Owing to the lack of a local private school, a schoolroom had to be built and outfitted, and teaching had to be organized. The project was financed by the association of Matankari residents and AECIN.

The final exam (BEPC) had a low success rate nationally, which also affected the women concerned: only 3 of them passed. But they all made progress and are determined to follow the course again and pass in 2017, with the support of Matankari residents and AECIN.

In 2016-2017, some twenty women took the new BEPC again in Matankari, only two of them passed.