Acting in concert with RAEDD, AECIN has submitted to the Hydrology and Sanitation Department Service and to the rural communities’mayors concerned, a project of improvement of access to water in the villages north of Dogondoutchi.
It consists in creating :

  • a self-contained water point in Goriba village (Matankari commune), including a drill which, from solar energy, will supply a small water tank connected to two hydrants,
  • a modern well in the village of Birboreo (Commune of Dogondiria),
  • training the water point users and managers?

The project is financed by the Loire-Bretagne Water Agency, Bretagne Region, Rennes Water Catchment Area, Niger State, AECIN’s own resources, and the local population,

The provisional reception of the Goriba autonomous water point took place on December 31st 2018 and the Water Public Service Users’Association were trained on February the 12th, 13th, 14th 2109?

The Birbiro well is being bored.

In 2020, two wells were rehabilitated in the villages of Woutchia (Dogonkiria district) and Koufa ( Matankari District).

Puit de Birbiro