Availability of water is a serious problem at Lougou. In 2002, a well had been drilled, which was frequently out of operation, and an 80 meters deep well was used by both locals and nomads and was often silted up.

Description of first initiatives

Repairing the well

In 2004 Tarbiyya Tatali paid for the repairs of the well, the installation of pulleys and the purchase of two oxen to draw water more easily. A management committee was put in place with some difficulties because the first chairman died. Now the well is not silted and the oxen were replaced by donkeys.

Fixing the pump

The pump supplies drinking water while the well used by cattle is not fit for human consumption.

The sale of the book “Lougou et Saraouniya” and a subscription allowed to pay for effective repairs of the pump in 2007.

Self-contained water supply

On February 12th, 2013, the village of Lougou received its self-contained water supply. It consists in a small water tank, two fountains and two taps fitted in the school and the health cabin.A great ceremony was held on Wednesday, February 20th. The Prefect of Dogondoutchi, the Mayor of Dankassari, the Regional Water Supply Manager of Dosso and the local water supply officer in Dogondoutchi, four RAEDD delegates and a photographer, a regional television team, the chiefs from neighbouring villages, the works manager and the population of Lougou gathered around Saraouniya Aljima.

The film Lougou Gets Water at Last reveals improvements in village life.