Educational Games

Following a request from the Mayor of Dankassari and thanks to a donation from the Secours Populaire Charity, the only pre-school in Dankassari has been endowed with puzzles and educational games early in 2017.

Table-bench units

The pupils of three primary schools in Cesson, engaged in November 2016 in the Dankassari Charity Race, raised nearly 3,000 euros, which will permit endowing three schools of Dankassari with 20 table-bench units each: the Bawada Dagi Sanke school and the Moullela School, as well as the Central Dankassari school Grade 4 class which has a school exchange scheme with a Grade 4 class in in the Bourgchevreuil school.

The pupils of three Grade 7 classes in Cesson raised a sum allowing the purchase of 7 table-bench units for the Lougou primary school.

Table-bench units have been delivered in Central Dankassari, Bawada Dagi Sanke, Moullella and Lougou in June 3017.

In 2020, a hundred and twelve table-bench units were repaired in the Dankassari Middle school thanks to donations collected at the School Solidarity Relay for Dankassari, by 800 pupils from three Cesson-Sévigné primary schools participating