The village attracted the attention of the government and the health cabin of Lougou was built thanks to the partnership of the village and Tarbiyya Tatali.


The village collected the necessary amount, 1710000 CFA (250 euros), to purchase the initial inventory of medicines and to get the health cabin in operation. The destitute population, faithful to the Azna traditions is very sensitive to “lahiya”- health – the supreme asset. The cabin eventually started with a health agent paid by the State.

Follow up

Tarbiyya Tatali visits this health hut regularly and supplied medicines twice for a total amount of 100 000 CFA (150 euros).

Unfortunately it appeared en 2006 that the lack of motivation of the health agent penalizes the services of the health cabin of Lougou.

Another better motivated health agent has been identified and he receives a monthly premium from Tarbiyya Tatali to reward his efforts for the village.

Femmes de Lougou