In 2002, when Tarbiyya Tatali met Lougou, the school was threatened with closure. Only 20 children attended regularly.

Support to the school

In 2002 an initiative was launched to provide lunch for kids at school, most of them coming from the neighboring villages. It was a great success, since 55 kids attended school every day. They eat millet, rice, beans and meat from time to time.

The village pays for the women who grind the millet for lunch, the food was provided to the village thanks to a donation of AECIN.

The village has been responsible for the canteen since 2004 and attendance of the children at school is stable. The school now has three classes.

Thanks to the Canadian cooperation, Tarbiyya Tatali supplied school books and other teaching tools to this school and put in place a management committee.

Women learning to read, write and count

A literacy class for women has been set up in the village in 2007. Women are diligent and show their desire to learn.

Passion d’apprendre