Setting up a millet mill in Dankassari

In Niger, pounding millet is an exhausting daily task entirely performed by women.

The high amount of housework chores performed by young girls is one of the reasons for their low school attendance rate.

Setting up a millet mill means allowing women to raise their income, and also bringing them relief in their daily life.

A loan granted thanks to a subsidy from the Cesson-Sévigné city enabled a group of women to buy a millet mill, which was set up in Dankassari early in 2009.

Once the loan is paid back, the proceeds will be used to buy another millet mill for another group of women.

In 2010, two new mills were installed in Bawada Gida and Lougou in the framework of Cesson-Dankassari decentralized cooperation..
In 2011 the millet mill operation in Dogontapki and Kamrey proceeded.
In 2012 a millet mill was installed in Jarkassa.
In 2013, a millet mill was installed in Karkim Mallam and the Lougou mill was repaired, maintaining the equipment is the priority.

In 2016, following an appraisal of cereal banks and mills, a comprehensive training project of the town mill Management Committees has been drafted, and men and women millers have been trained and equipped with tools.
The mills at Dogontapki, Kamrey and Lougou have been repaired, and two new mills have been installed in Bourtou and Chanono.

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