The women of Arewa met the first time at Lougou on May 13, 2005, for the day of the Nigerien woman.

The women of Arewa agreed to honor four exceptional persons, enthusiastic women committed to the Nigerien women’s cause at their meeting of May 13, 2007.

The distinction of “Worthy Daguhters of Saraouniya” is awarded by the Vénérable Saraouniya Aljimma and Lady Minister of Women’s Promotion and children protection.On that day the four “Worthy Daughters of Saraouniya ”get an award, a box which contains a distaff of Saraouniya Aljimma, symbol of a humble life dedicated to the welfare of her people and a picture of the Tunguma stone, symbol of truth and justice. The association Tarbiyya Tatali is pleased to give them the book “Lougou et Saraouniya” as a gift. This book describes the priceless cultural tradition of the Azna people.

Here below are the four “Worthy Daughters of Saraouniya" who where chosen in 2007.

Madam Aïchatou Mindaoudou

She is renowned for having carried on successful negotiations to recognize the rights of Niger to the Lete Island, at the Benin border. She has held several positions and she is a minister for the second time.

Madam Foumakoye Nana Aïchatou

She is a militant of the women’s causes, rural women in particular. As a minister she took the initiative of the quotas law, this law has allowed an increase of women deputies from 1 to 14 in 2004.

Madam Moumouni Aïssata

The first woman who became a minister, she showed other women the way to prominent political positions, until then reserved exclusively to men.

Madam Mounkaïla Aïssata

She is a pioneer in the struggle for taking the women’s condition into account in all aspects of national political life. She is the only Nigerien woman who has been deputy four times.

These four women are committed, as prominent leaders, to promote the Nigerien women and carry on various struggles in Niger to develop this country..

Fête à Lougou le 13 mai 2007
Lougou, may 13, 2007