The initiatives launched by Tarbiyya-Tatali are being developed in common with GREF.

Training center for community development

The objective is to provide technical skills to young people and promote new activities of production in the region of Dogon Doutchi. Tarbiyya Tatali (RAEDD) and the GREF worked with with an appointed manager to start the new activities in the autumn 2003. The boys learn metal work, domestic electricity and mechanical pump maintenance, the girls learn sewing, cooking, child care and reading and writing.

After a two-year experiment the village of Dogon Doutchi has made has made land available to build a workshop for the training of the young people. This center will be used for masonry and electrical fittings.

Community development Centers

CDCs are aimed at young people who don’t attend school in the nine rural communes of the department, offering them vocational training that answers the needs of their commune in such fields as agriculture and rural craftsmanship.
Premises have been built in each commune. There remains to improve management efficiency.

The objectives of the project consist in:

  • Providing young people with hands-on training in each commune.
  • Heading training sessions designed for the CDC teaching staff (experience in functional literacy, technical skills, organization and management skills).
  • Improving and enlarging the premises and providing equipment.
  • Supporting the community committees in charge of CDC’s through relevant training.
    The training sessions already planned mostly turn upon agriculture (machinery, market gardening, new types of crops).

In 2007, AECIN launched the 500 Bicycles operation : bicycles were collected in France and made available to secondary schools in the department of Dogon Doutchi, which led to the first training sessions in maintenance.

Responsibility for the project lies with a coordination committee which involves the mayors and the associations in favour of local development, and is presided by RAEDD. It is supported by GREF, AECIN, and other partners they have mobilized (associations, local government, foundations).

Diplomes au CDC