Here are a few snapshots of this cultural and sport event, organized by the rural commune of Dankassari (Niger) for peace and social integration, in March 2017: music, dance, Nigerien wrestling, racing on foot, horseback and camel, traditional artifacts and culture…

The exhibition is co-produced by AECIN andAESCD and funded by the Rennes International Center (MIR). It was exhibited at the MIR from November 27 to December 2, 2017 as part of Festisol (Festival des Solidarités), and at the Cesson-Sévigné media library from July 2 to September 28, 2018.

Within the Decentralised Cooperation Caravan : 10 years of decentralised cooperation between Cesson (Brittany) and Dankassari (Dosso),
• September 2020 in Niamey - CCFN Jean Rouch : September 10th from 7 pm, grand opening at Exhibition Hall, Free entry. On Friday september 16th from 7pm, start of the Caravan, Grand Auditorium
• October 2020 in Maradi - Alliance Française (grand Opening october 10th)
• November 2020 in Zinder- CCFN (grand opening november 4th)
• December 2020 in Agadez- Alliance Française (opening date pending)
• From March 2021: Dogondoutchi and Dankassari, with a cultural and sport event.

The program initially scheduled for 2020 in the spring had to be cancelled owing to COVID 19.