French interns in Niger

Since 2006, we have received several requests from French students willing to work with us in Niger, either as part of their studies or during their holiday. They meet all their own expenses and we provide them with cheap accommodation and food here. Lately, retirees have also offered their help.

In 2007 several internships were carried out involving research on cash-producing activities, work on a book on proverbs of the Arewa, developing cotton industries.

In 2008, eleven internships were carried out :

  • three physiotherapists worked at the Niamey hospital,
  • two nurses at the Dogon Doutchi hospital,
  • two counsellors put up an exhibition entitled ‘Being Young in Niger’
  • one architecture student
  • a student monitored Gateway Classes
  • two Master students worked on improving the management of Tarbiyya Tatali both in France and in Niger, and the Arewa Cultural Conservatory Project.

The Guidebook for Interns based on the document written by Marine Rétif in 2007 will answer some of your questions.

In 2010, Africa-INSA Exchanges

Every year, this association of INSA engineering students in Rennes carries out a project in Africa. In 2010 the project selected turns upon the availibility of drinking water in Dankassari, within the framework of decentralised cooperation between Cesson-Sévigné and Dankassari. A team of 13 engineering students or university students carried out an internship of a month and a half in Dankassari in june and july 2010.

In 2010 twenty persons will have made a solidarity stay in Niger with Tarbiyya-Tatali.

In 2011, tragic events have forced us to cancel the solidarity internships.

Early in 2011, following the abduction in a quiet Niamey restaurant and the subsequent death of Antoine de Leocour and his friend Vincent Delory, as well as of three Nigerien soldiers, Aboubacar Amankaye, Abdallah Aboubacar, and Abdou Alfari, who were trying to free them, we have cancelled our solidarity internships scheme, temporarily, we hope.

At the time of his abduction, Antoine was on a private visit, his first stay in Niger had taken place in 2008 as an intern,he had worked on the project of a cultural conservatory of the Arewa, specifically on testimonies from the Mission School old pupils.

Tax deductions

It must be pointed out that although expenses related to solidarity internships are wholly supported by the interns (or their families) entailing a heavy financial burden, Tarbiyya Tatali can deliver a tax receipt, valid for tax deductions in the following year, enquiries about the scheme are welcome.

Stagiaires 2007 au Niger
Interns in Niger, 2007