Delivery bed tables

In 2004, the international solidarity association of Santander University (Spain) provided the village of Angoual Saoulo with delivery beds tables. Now all the childbirths of the village take place at the health hut.

Solar water heaters

In 2005, two solar water heaters were installed in the maternity hospitals of Dogon Doutchi and Matankari thanks to Santander University. So the babies and their mothers get plenty of hot water. In the past the women of the family used to heat up water in the courtyard of the hospital.
In 2006, Santander University provided two more maternity hospitals, Birni Lokoyo and Dogonkiria, with water heaters.

Cradles and mattresses

In 2006, the Saint-Martin Lycee provided support to equip the maternity hospital of Dogon Doutchi with cradles, these cradles were built by the pupils of the CFDC.

In 2008 twenty mattresses will be bought to replace the matlresses of the Maternity Hospital of Dogon Doutchi
where were in a deplorable state.

Chauffe-eau solaire