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These associations and other Breton participants in the international solidarity activities with Niger exchange their experiences and organize events jointly.

Presentation of the Brittany –Niger network

This group focuses on the increased synergies of the initiatives and reflections between the participants involved in France and Niger, in particular. the international solidarity associations .

This group of associations has a pilot committee and meets yearly in a Breton department. One network or association arranges the yearly meeting, (in 2006: Côtes
d’Armor/Résia, in 2007: Ille et Vilaine/CRIDEV/Tarbiyya Tatali, in 2008:
Finistère/NigerBreizh & Tilalt Niger with the support of the previous organizers).

If the group maintains its aims, a formalized structure will have to be set up

The associations are looking for further support from the regional communities (Résia, Cridev, Casi, Abcis).

Rules of conduct

Three rules govern this group

  • Effective commitment of the members Some territorial and local communities provide support to the network of associations: The Regional Council of Brittany, The General Council of Cotes d’Armor and the Town Council of Langueux.
  • The group proposes a status report of the public involvement of the different associations in Brittany.
  • The group wishes to put in place a democratic process based on people’s participation in Niger as well as in Brittany

Characteristics of the associations in the network

The participants in the meetings of Langueux and Janze belong to one of these types of organizations or institutions

  • Nigerien or French- Nigerien associations registered in Brittany
  • Breton associations active in Niger
  • Local communities active in decentralised cooperation
  • Associations or NGO’s having a branch in Brittany
  • Hospitals linked by cooperation or training agreements with Nigerien hospitals
  • Bretons schools twinned with Nigerien schools

New participants joined the group after the meetings: cultural and sport associations which are active or have contacts in Niger. In 2008, another meeting was held in Morlaix

Guidelines for reflexion and action

Here are the results of the first two meetings :

  • Need to share know-how and to analyze experienced difficulties with the involvement of Nigerien participants as experts (either members or invited participants)
  • Development of a user-friendly data network and electronic mails, easy to use. As a follow up of Langueux meeting, a schedule of activities of associations in the the Brittany – Niger is recommended. Exchanges of experiences are welcome
  • Need of an improved cooperation with several participants to take into account the recent decentralization in Niger. The risk exists of missing the involvement of the local associations
  • Associations and organizations involved in international solidarity will be vigilant to leave nobody on the roadside.

The directory of the solidarity associations Brittany - Niger

26 associations of international solidarity Brittany – Niger are reported in this updated (November 2007) directory. It is available on the Résia website. If your association wishes to be included in the directory, please contact Résia :

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