Since the early 2010s, Bawa Kadade Riba has been involved in documentary filma. He participated in several training courses and film meetings before obtaining his master 2 in film production in Senegal (Saint Louis) in 2016. He directed a school film (short film) “The Horse, Malick andI”, co-directed a collective feature film “Hostages’School’” still within the framework of the training.

“[Étincelles- (Sparkles)>]”, dating from 2019, is his first documentary feature. It takes place in Mailo, one of the villages of Dankassari. “Zara’s garage”, visible on is a documentary dating from 2022 , as part of Generation Africa - Plural stories about the youth of a continent

Bawa chairs the Association Culture+ Niger. He is at the origin of the project Muryar Mata. He is one of the authors of the filmed sketches “[Akwai Magana! Let us talk about it” season 1, season 2.

Bawa is the president of Nouvel Espoir, a member of the Tarbiyya Tatali collective since August 2022.